The Building

The history of the area is set within the blue-collar warehouses and workshops once populating the surrounding streets.  In homage to this heritage, the lower floors are designed with an open warehouse aesthetic, utilising textural distressed brick, with black steel framing to define each of the openings. The contrasting modern elements of the building sit atop, to meet the city skyline eye to eye, with cascading views of the inner west and Waitakere Ranges.

The modernist structure is designed with a unique concrete and panelled façade, with black shuttered vertical detailing. These two aspects create a unifying contrast, bringing the building into the future of the neighbourhood, while referencing it's history.

The elevated site of 59 France allows natural light to each side of the building and extensive views from its perch above the city. The external living areas have been carefully considered to capitalise on these aspects.

All bedrooms and living spaces have been thoughtfully placed towards the outer walls of the apartments, maximising the ample light and views.  A large north facing landscaped courtyard, designed by the award winning LandLAB, is provided for residents to enjoy the surrounds, or spend time with children and family. These large common grounds compliment the impressive architectural build with wide-open gardens, bringing nature back into the complex.

59 France is the peak of conceptualised design and embodies living spaces that fit the lifestyle of the modern Aucklander.

A Distinct & Dramatic Building


59 France is a striking building with a timeless blend of late 1940’s warehouse and contemporary architecture, constructed in durable and honest materials. The external strategy is transfused internally to be cool and enduring, creating edgy living solutions for modern individuals.

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